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First of all, Thank you so much for purchasing this project and for being my loyal customer. You are awesome!
You are entitled to get free lifetime updates to this product + exceptional support from the author directly.

This documentation is to help you regarding each step of customization. Please go through the documentation carefully to understand how this project is made and how to customize this properly.


You will need the following things.

  1. A domain.
  2. A hosting.
  3. And this project with proper license.

Be careful while installing this project in your hosting server.

Overview #back to top

InstantPost, it's a complete instagram Poster solution that allows you to auto post (Images / Videos) to instagram with post Insight, schedule and manage. InstantPost include story and story poll posting. It is a web-based app and fairly easy to use and easy to operate. You can manage all those instagram Posting from one place. Managing all posting media for business purpose is a huge pain. InstantPost helps you save time managing multiple instagram accounts. So we made this to make your life easy.

You don’t need any kind of technical knowledge to maintain the system. Only thing is needed is to read this documentation very well.

Features #back to top

  1. Instagram General Poster (Image/Video).
  2. Instagram Story Post
  3. Instagram Story Pull Post
  4. Instagram Post Insight
  5. Multi-user & SAAS Application.
  6. Multil-account Support.
  7. Multilangual Support.
  8. Social Login (Google+, Facebook)
  9. Payment Management (Paypal + Stripe).
  10. One click installation.

Server Configuration #back to top

  1. PHP v5.5 to 7 & mysql v5.x
  2. Make sure of these settings in your server
    1. cURL (ENABLED)
    2. mbstring (ENABLED)
    3. safe_mode (OFF)
    4. open_base_dir (has no value)
    5. allow_url_open (OPEN)
    6. mysqli (ON)
  3. Folders and files permissions
    1. Folder: application/config (777)
    2. Folder: application/core (777)
    3. File: application/install.txt (777)

If you get "404 page not found" error then make AllowOverride in your virual host and check if .htaccess file is uploaded successfully in root or not.

Quick Start Guide #back to top

  1. Install InstantPost. here
  2. Import Instagram accounts. here
  3. Create campaign. here

If you need to learn more about InstantPost, read this documentation. It will teach you about User Management, Package Setting, Payment Setup and many more.

How to install? #back to top

  1. Download .zip package
  2. Upload it to your server
  3. Extract the package
  4. Run the uploaded url via browser ( and you will find a interface to provide the settings for InstantPost:
    1. Hostname : database host name / IP
    2. Database Name : create a mysql database for InstantPost on your host and write that name here
    3. Database username : username of the created database
    4. Database password : password of the created database
    5. InstantPost Admin Panel Login Username : this will be used to login as admin
    6. InstantPost Admin Panel Login Password : password to log in as admin
  5. Click Install InstantPost Now Button
  6. You are done. Log in with your admin username and password and start using InstantPost.

Dashboard #back to top

As you can imagine the dashboard is the admin home page. Admin will get to see this page right after login. Here an admin will find all the Graphical statistics of total system activities.

Setting #back to top

The Setting is the most important part of this application. Actually, it is a set of instructions/settings. Those settings are sorted as per order of system flow like you have to define or set roles before you creating users.

As I told before, it is indeed the most important part of this application. So do not just randomly enter into menus and create add or changes. do it as top-down way. These settings are very important because the whole system depends on this setting.

But, be afraid. I will go through the whole process one by one. Just read the documentation carefully and do as it instructed. And you will be all set.

Application Setting #back to top

  1. Item Name
  2. Item Short Name
  3. Time Zone
  4. Company Name
  5. Company Address
  6. Company Email
  7. Upload Logo
  8. Upload Favicon

After installing InstantPost, most people like to change this setting first.

SMTP Settings #back to top

This section is very necessary. Only after setting up this section, the application can send emails. So, you can imagine how much important it is. There will be many cases while you have to send emails. So let's set up email.

After a fresh installation, you will see an empty table here. Also, you can find an "Add" button. Click on Add button. It will open a page require some information. It requires Email gateway (SMTP) information.

  1. By now you should have SMTP info of your cPanel or any other Mail gateway.
  2. Fill every field according to your SMTP.
  3. Make sure "Active" is selected on status field.
  4. You can add multiple SMTP by repeating this process.
  5. You can have many SMTP but only one will work. Therefore the "inactive" status there.
  6. You have multiple SMTP information, then make only one active and make others inactive.

This is system's email configuration for sending emails to user. Without configuring this setting admin can't send email also system email (system email example: password recovery) will not work. Once it is configured you can do all of these.

Social Login Settings #back to top

Admin has to config "Social Login Settings" with Facebook APP ID, Facebook APP Secret, Google Client ID , Google Client Secret to make facebook & google login to work. FOllow the process

Facebook Settings

This is the form to add your facebook app information, you will get app domain, site url, valid oauth redirect uris needed to create facebook app here. Copy the urls and create your facebook app following the process below. You can create multiple app and can add but only one can be enabled at a time.

Create your own facebook app and put APP ID and APP Secret here. System will take care of everything else.

How to create facebook app and get API ID & APP Secret?
  1. Login to using your facebook account and click "Add a new app".

  2. Type a "Dispaly Name" and click "Create App ID"

  3. Click "Settings" menu. Here you will see your APP ID and APP Secret. Type YOUR APPLICATION DOMAIN in "App Domains".

  4. Then click "Add Platform" and it will bring the following popup. Choose "Website" here.

    It will bring a input area for "Site URL", put it and click "Save Changes".

  5. Put valid oauth redirect URIs and click "Save Changes"

Payment Settings #back to top

Here you need to specify your payment setting. We support both Paypal and Stripe payment gateway. By default, you will see a similar screen like below. Here in this table, there is only one row. You can only edit this column. Click on edit icon. If you want Paypal payment gateway then only specify Paypal email and keep stripe fields empty. Otherwise, if you want Stripe payment gateway, fill 'stripe secret key' and 'Stripe publishable key' fields. Select your currency. Click on "Update" button.

Your payment history will be here. Below this page, there is a table. All the payments list will show here.

User Management #back to top

User panel is the list of all users who belong to this system of Admin user and Member user. Admin can add a new user by clicking the add button. Admin can create a user, edit a user, activate or deactivate a user, change user password, search user etc.

Add User: Adding a new user is a very easy process. Click the "Add" button. It will open a form like below.

  1. Put an user name.
  2. Now put an unique email.
  3. Mobile number field is optional.
  4. Put a secure password.
  5. write user address.
  6. Select a user type (Admin user / Member user).
  7. Select status (Active/inactive).
  8. Finally hit save.
  9. You will get a confirmation on success.
All (*) marked fields are necessery.

You can find Edit user, Delete user and Change password option on the right side of user row.

Edit user: Edit user is same as add user. Click pencil button to edit user at the end of a row of any user under action column. Make necessary changes and hit save. You will get confirmation of success.

Send Email #back to top

Here you can send email to your users. Sending email is very easy here. All of your users will be listed here. You just have to select users from the table and click on "send email" button. A popup will open. In this popup, will find the email subject and message field. Fill that two field and click on "Send" button. Your email will send.

Package Setting #back to top

Here all of your package related information will be here. This is actually package management for this application. Here you can:

  1. Create different packages.
  2. Assign different access level.
  3. Set charges.
  4. Users pay usages bills here.

The first thing to do here is to setup packages for this application. So that you can charge for them. By default, this application comes with a Trail package, which is free to use for seven days. You can't delete this package. So you need to create new packages.

To create a new package, click on 'Add' button. It will open a page with a form.

  1. First set package name.
  2. Set price
  3. Set validity. (Validity in days).
  4. Select modules permission for this package.
  5. Finally, click on "Save" button.

Connect Account #back to top

If you already setup your app setting, you are ready to Connect Account to this application. To do so you just need to open this page.

  • Clicking import account menu will bring you a button named "Login with Instagram", simply clicking it will start importing your Instagram account.

  • After cleck this button you can see a form in modal. Please give nacessary informaion to inport your account. you can give proxy for you Instagram account

    You must click "add account", otherwise nothing will work !!!
  • Finally your account is imported now !!! You will see your account information. You can add another account (if your package is multi-account) same way.

  • After connect your account you see the post insight & update account. In post insight menu you can see the post insight for this account

  • Auto Post #back to top

    Now in Image tab. Type a message and upload an image. InstantPost will grab the image automatically and show you how it will look on instagram after publish. You can change the image upload any image if you want.

    Now in Video tab. Type a message and upload an video . InstantPost will grab the video automatically and show you how it will look on instagram after publish. You can also paste video thumbnail image link or can upload a thumb image.

    Story Post #back to top

    To create a new Story post click "Story Post" sidebar. You will get the story postform. Each story post visiable 24 hours. You can simply upload an image like auto post.

    Story Poll Post #back to top

    To create a new Story poll post click "Story poll Post" sidebar. You will get the story postform. Each story post visiable 24 hours. You can simply upload an image like auto post.

    Poll story post in a new feature on instagram. It's voting system on instagram

    Auto Post Report#back to top

    All of your Instagram post information will show here. You can get all type of Instagram auto post campaign related information from here. Like:

    1. Message
    2. Post Type
    3. Scheduled at
    4. Post Status
    5. Post Visit
    6. Delete campaign.

    How to Update #back to top

    Update - v1.1 to v1.2

    1. Download v1.2

    2. Copy/Replace your following files and folders taking from v1.3

    1. application/controller/*
    2. application/view/*
    3. application/libraries/*
    4. documentation/index.html

    2. Run the database migration file via browser. Example link

    3. Open application/config/ambitious_config.php and update 'itemVersion' to v1.2

    4. You are done.


    Initial version

    Multilangual Support #back to top

    Disclaimer: We are glad to provide our product in 11 different languages. You can select your language while Installation or you can change your language from General Settings. All the translations are performed by google translator. Also, there are possibilities of human error. If there are any errors then we can not take the responsibility because firstly, we have no control over or knowledge on Google's translation algorithm and secondly, our first language is Bengali & the second language is English. So we were unable to correct errors for other languages than Bengali or English. You can correct any error or change any word if you like to (described below).
    Change Any Built-in Language's Words/Sentences:

    If you want to change words/sentences any of our built-in languages, you will find them in three places. Let you want to change Bengali language, then you will find Bengali language files in:

    1. InstantPost/application/language/bengali/

                                        // example: admin_lang.php
                                        1. $lang["company name"]    = "Your Value 1";
                                        2. $lang["company address"] = "Your Value 2";

    2. InstantPost/plugins/grid/locale/bengali.js

                                        1. $.fn.pagination.defaults.beforePageText  = 'Value 1';
                                        2. $.fn.pagination.defaults.afterPageText     = ' Value 2 {pages}';
                                        3. $.fn.pagination.defaults.displayMsg         = 'Value 3 {total} Value 4 {from} Value 5 {to} Value 6';

    3. InstantPost/plugins/grocery_crud/laguages/bengali.php

                                        1. $lang['list_add']                  = 'Value1';
                                        2. $lang['list_actions']             = 'Value2';
                                        3. $lang['list_page']                = 'Value3';
    The files are PHP or JS files. So, any syntax error during changing will affect the system. Please be careful when you change and backup original files before you change.

    Add new language:

    1. Suppose your language name is "my_lang"
    2. Copy application/language/English folder and paste & rename folder to "my_lang". Then translate all files in that folder.
    3. Translate coping plugins/grid/locale/english.js as plugins/grid/locale/my_lang.js
    4. Translate coping plugins/grocery_crud/languages/english.php as plugins/grocery_crud/languages/my_lang.php
    5. Then open application/controllers/home.php and add an array index in function language_list()